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Complete protection from etching and staining for your marble, onyx, limestone, and travertine benchtop

Marble benchtop polishing

Marble Benchtop Sealing & Polishing

Marble benchtops and vanities are absolutely beautiful when new and with the factory applied polish in tact. The clarity of the high polished finish is what brings out the intrinsic colours and beauty of natural stone.

Unfortunately, polished marble is susceptible to scratches and etching which dulls the finish and causes the stone to lose its beauty. The stone can be professionally re-polished to look as new through diamond honing and buffing with a marble polishing compound, but then what? One spilled glass of wine or lemon juice and you will need polishing all over again!

Sealing marble benchtops with a common marble or stone sealer will not help at all when it comes to etching. The sealers that are made for marble benchtops are “impregnating” sealers (penetrating) and they sit below the surface to keep out stains, but they only make the marble stain resistant, and do nothing at all to protect the marble against etching. Fortunately there is a solution.

CrystalCote is a highly durable applied coating designed for the prevention of marble benchtop etching, staining, and scratching. This coating is highly polished and crystal clear which brings out the natural beauty of the stone. CrystalCote is perfectly suitable for limestone, marble, travertine, onyx, engineered stone, and granite benchtops.

CrystalCote offers a solution that isn’t just stain resistant (like impregnating stone sealers) but will make your marble benchtop 100% stain proof, 100% acid etch proof, and scratch resistant! No stains or etch marks for as long as CrystalCote is applied to your marble benchtop, guaranteed!

CrystalCote is the perfect solution for residential stone benchtop applications where there is a busy kitchen, and in hospitality applications where expense is an issue and a fast application turn-around is necessary to keep the rooms in service.

Suitable to protect new stone benchtop and vanity installations from ever being damaged, or as a treatment to restore old and worn out stone surfaces, to make them look beautiful again.